Matthew Feldman


Matthew Feldman began his career as a biochemist, studying the molecular mechanisms of colon cancer progression in mouse models and human disease. He continued studying therapeutic strategies to mitigate RNA decay in classes of genetic disease. Leaving research to become an advocate for vaccine-preventable diseases, he began a career at the intersection of scientific innovation and digital communications. Speaking these two different languages, he became an effective champion of improving health through new solutions to critical challenges: first in the fight against childhood pneumonia and then in combating the global tuberculosis epidemic through the development of new, effective vaccines. Through cross-functional and international collaborations across therapeutic areas and industries, his work educated new audiences and sparked meaningful actions. In his current role as Marketing Director at ZyMōt Fertility (DxNow, Inc.), Matt thinks about the challenges facing reproductive medicine and the need for transformative innovations to reach people, to improve and create lives. Through his experiences as a scientist, communicator and as a patient, Matt is focused on how focusing on sperm health can help clinics, healthcare providers and patients in their fertility journey.


M.D., Ph.D.

DR. Enginsu was born in Turkey in 1962. After finishing his studies in University of Ankara Faculty of Medicine and became a Medical Doctor in1988, he moved to The Netherlands and started to work as research assistant in University of Limburg Faculty of Medicine, Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics department, Maastricht, He started to work in the IVF unit due to his research on “Male Infertility” and his Ph.D. thesis titled “Morphology and function of human spermatozoa” was accepted on April 1988. He was invited to work on “Micromanipulation with laser” project to Brussels, Catholic University of Leuven, St Luc Hospital in Belgium in May 1994. In March 1995 he was invited to Hacettepe University Faculty of Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology Department as IVF laboratory director for the set up of micromanipulation unit and worked as an instructor. In January 1996 he moved to Istanbul to set up an IVF laboratory in American Hospital and worked there as the laboratory director. He then worked in International Hospital, Metropolitan Florence Nightingale Hospital, Şİşli Memorial Hospital as laboratory director between 1997 and 2004. Dr. Enginsu have also worked in setting up the IVF unit for Kalamış Tıp Merkezi Istanbul. Between March 2005 to January 2017 he worked as the director of the IVF unit in KadıköyŞifa Hospital Istanbul. Between March 2018 to March 2019 he worked as the Laboratory Director in LIV Hospital Ulus in Istanbul.
He is currently working with Femina Women’s Health Clinic for IVF patients. Dr Enginsu has his own consultanting firm and working as a consultant for medical companies and IVF clinics both in national and international terms.



Clinical biologist and embryologist specializing in male infertility. After graduating from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and more than 12 years of medical laboratory experience, completed his M.Sc. degree in Bar-Ilan University with a thesis on sperm function. Since 2015 has been working at Male Fertility Center, a highly specialized andrology laboratory dealing with severe cases of male infertility. Currently, holds the position of deputy director of the lab. Also, works as an embryologist at the IVF department of Shamir Medical Center. Participated in several research projects focusing on sperm morphology, function and cryopreservation, including a development of a novel technique for cryopreservation of individual spermatozoa. Member of the Israeli Fertility Association (IFA) and ESHRE.


FRCPath, PhD, Director of X&Y Fertility, Leicester, UK

Dr Bryan Woodward is a free-lance reproductive scientist who specializes in trouble-shooting fertility clinics to improve andrology and embryology services. He has worked as a consultant for over 50 IVF clinics in countries across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. He offers hands-on andrology and embryology training as required and also advises on Quality Management.

In 2008, he was awarded a PhD (University of Nottingham, UK) entitled ‘Trans-species study of factors affecting ICSI’. In the same year he was certified by ESHRE as a Senior Clinical Embryologist and by the Royal College of Pathology (UK) as a Fellow.

In 2016, he established X&Y Fertility in Leicester, UK, as a clinic to help treat male fertility. He is also the HFEA Person Responsible at the London branch of the European Sperm Bank.

In the UK, Bryan has served on the Executive Committees of the Association of Clinical Embryologists (ACE) and the Association of Biomedical Andrologists (ABA). He is currently the Coordinator of the ESHRE Steering Committee for Embryologist Certification.

He has co-edited books in the field of ART including “Troubleshooting and Problem Solving in the IVF laboratory”; “Male Infertility Sperm Diagnosis, Management and Delivery”; and “Female Infertility: Core Principles and Clinical Management”.

Bryan Woodward is also a keen mountaineer, having climbed two of the world’s highest peaks: Mt Aconcagua (Argentina) and Mt Elbrus (Russia).


Associate Professor, Director of BIOZ Lab Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology, University of Thessaly

Dr Katerina Moutou is an Associate Professor at the University of Thessaly, Greece, and the Director of the Laboratory of Genetics, Comparative and Evolutionary Biology (BIOZ). BIOZ was founded in 2009 and since then it has evolved into a multi-disciplinary research group focusing on elucidating the functional and ecological benefits of genetic polymorphism at the organism and population level and on using the outcomes of the research for the development of possible applications. The experimental scope of the group involves molecular biology, biochemistry and physiology in order to integrate molecules, mechanisms and systemic functions. Research excellence is a priority for BIOZ members, but a deep commitment to quality teaching and mentorship is an equally important hallmark of the group.
Dr Katerina Moutou maintains active collaborations with other research groups in Europe and the USA, and she has a long-lasting experience in coordinating research supported by European and national funds.
She is actively involved in Expert Groups shaping research and innovation priorities, and evaluating their implementation at the EU level. A well-recognized researcher, she enjoys a long publishing record and acts as a reviewer in scientific journals and research funding agencies.
Dr Katerina Moutou always enjoys the search for patterns in biological functions and spirited discussions that bridge over to diverse scientific fields!

Marianna Papadopoulou

BSc, Biologist, Clinical Embryologist ESHRE certified

Marianna Papadopoulou is a clinical biologist. She graduated in 2012 from the Department of Biology of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In 2011, she started her internship at Embryolab
In 2012, she conducted her research project on male infertility at the Institute of Reproductive Sciences of the University of Oxford in Great Britain.
Upon completing her studies she became a member of the Embryolab laboratory team, where she was trained in all up-to-date laboratory techniques of IVF and cryopreservation.
Marianna attends scientific conferences and is briefed on all the latest developments in assisted reproduction. She actively participates and supports all the actions and conferences organized by the Embryolab Academy.
Since 2016 it has been certified by ESHRE as a Clinical Embryologist.

Mag Astrid Stecher

MSc, ESHRE certified Senior Clinical Embryologist, Lab Director of NextClinic IVF Centers Prof. H. Zech Bregenz

She is an ESHRE-certified Senior Clinical Embryologist and has a long experience in ART, both in practical work and organizational issues and topics.

She has been working in IVF Center Prof. H. Zech since 1995, which has been steadily expanding through all the years.
She is member of a team that has already established several laboratories.
A main focus is the cooperation with other laboratories for optimization and standardization, trouble shooting and comparison of KPIs, but also scientific cooperation.

Since 2008 she is certified as ESHRE Senior Clinical Embryologist.
Her main interest is the optimization of embryo culture, severe male factor infertility and quality management in the ART laboratory.
She has co-organized several national and international workshops on various ART topics.

She is a board member of the Austrian Society for Reproduction and Endocrinology and of the "EmbryologenForum Austria".
She is a member of the Swiss Society for Reproductive Medicine (SGRM, SWICE), the European Society of Human Reproduction (ESHRE) and inspector for the ESHRE ART Center Certification for Good Clinical Practices.
Astrid has been invited to speak at national and international conferences and is the author and co-author of many scientific articles, conference papers and book contributions.

She is still fascinated of ART and enjoys the progress in this field.
It is one of the best tasks in the world to help people become parents.

Achilleas Papatheodorou

M.Med.Sci., PhD. Senior Clinical Embryologist, ESHRE certified

Mr. Achilleas Papatheodorou is a senior clinical embryologist with an experience of more than 20.000 cycles in assisted reproduction (ART), among which a great number of cases with severe male infertility and application of embryo biopsy for Preimplantation Genetic Testing. His scientific interests focus mainly on the aspects of vitrification technique on human oocytes, embryos and the cryopreservation of human spermatozoa.

In 2004, Mr. Achilleas Papatheodorou graduated from school of Biology, in Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki, Greece.
In 2005 he received his Master of Medical Sciences (M.Med.Sci.) degree in Assisted Reproduction Technology (University of Nottingham, UK).
In 2016 he was awarded with a PhD Degree from the Medical School of University of Ioannina. His PhD research project was the Clinical application of vitrification technique for cryopreserving human oocytes.
In 2017 he was certified by ESHRE as senior Clinical Embryologist.

Achilleas Papatheodorou has worked as a clinical embryologist in Thessaloniki, Athens, Albania and Italy. Additionally, he has worked as a scientific consultant of the IVF laboratory of San Carlo Hospital in Potenza, Italy. He has visited plenty of IVF clinics in Italy sharing his knowledge and technology with their embryology and andrology stuff. From 2019 is working in Embryolab, Fertility Clinic as Senior Clinical Embryologist.

Achilleas has done numerous oral presentations in conferences and hands on workshops and at he same time is involved in research projects and training for all the modern ART lab techniques and is the author of a number of scientific articles, posters and chapters.

He is a member of the European Society of Human Reproduction (ESHRE), the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), and the Greek Association of Clinical Embryologists (PEKE) in which currently he serves as a vice-president.

Achilleas Papatheodorou enjoys to spend time with family and friends. His favourite hobbies are photography and the collection of different types of music. He recalls his first experience with the field of Assisted Reproduction Technology as an instant crush that led to an everlasting love. He is enthusiastic about innovation that could be applied in the IVF field and could help couples reach earlier their goal, to create their family

Alexia Chatziparasidou 

MSc, Sr. Clinical Embryologist, Lab Director of Embryolab Fertility Clinic Director of Embryolab Academy

Mrs. Alexia Chatziparasidou is a senior clinical embryologist with an experience of more than 45.000 cycles in assisted reproduction (ART). Her scientific interests focus mainly on the application of modern oocyte and embryo freezing methods and treating male subfertility and azoospermia. Since 2007 she has developed a special interest in efficient Total Quality Management (TQM) and Risk Management (RM) in ART units in the context of process optimization and standardization and the implementation of risk mitigation strategies.  

In 2004, Mrs Chatziparasidou co-founded Embryolab, a well-known and modern state of the art fertility clinic, located in Thessaloniki Greece.
In 2007 she was awarded with her Master degree (MSc) on Clinical Embryology (Leeds University) and in 2008 she was certified by ESHRE as senior Clinical Embryologist.
In 2013 she co-founded Embryolab Academy and co-organized a series of international workshops on TQM and RM for ART units, cryopreservation and Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGT).

Alexia Chatziparasidou travels the world as invited speaker in conferences and hands on workshops, is actively involved in research projects and training for all the modern ART lab techniques and is the author of a number of scientific articles, posters and chapters.

Her latest project is her thesis under the title: “The genetic basis of Azoospermia- The mystery that needs to be unraveled” in collaboration with the University of Thessaly. The aim of this project is to shed light in the genetic basis of azoospermia and set the basis for the development of personalized therapeutic options for men suffering from azoospermia. 
She is a member of the European Society of Human Reproduction (ESHRE), the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), Scientists in Reproductive Medicine (ALPHA) and the Pan-Hellenic Association of Clinical Embryologists (PEKE), Ambassador of the EURO-GTP II Risk assessment tool for novel applications and Inspector for the ESHRE ART Center Certification for Good Clinical Practices.

Alexia Chatziparasidou enjoys to spend time with family and friends. She regards herself as very fortunate for being able to live her passion for science and be a part of all the latest scientific developments in the field of assisted reproduction but above all she feels extremely blessed for being able to serve and support men and women in their most wonderful journey. The journey to parenthood!

Mary Karagianni

BSc, MSc, Biologist, Clinical Embryologist

Mary Karagianni graduated from the Department of Biology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and completed her Master degree in ‘Reproductive-Regenerative Medicine’ in the Department of the Medical School of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Her theses in each degree are related with a) DNA fragmention of human spermatozoa and b) in vitro maturation of oocytes (IVM) and vitrification of oocytes.

She has been working in medically assisted reproduction Clinics since 2010 in Thessaloniki and Athens and was Lab director of the embryology and andrology laboratory for 6 years. In 2017 she became a member of the Embryolab team.

She is a member of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Clinical Embryologists (PEKE) as well as European Society of Human for Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) from 2013.

Chara Oraiopoulou

BSc, Mres, Biologist, Clinical Embryologist ESHRE certified

Chara Oraiopoulou is a clinical embryologist with long experience in the field of assisted reproduction. She is specialized in the kinetic analysis of embryonic development using a time-lapse system and in preparing embryos for PGT.

Chara graduated in 2006 from the Department of Biology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and completed her postgraduate studies in “Reproductive Biology” at the Medical College of the University of Glasgow, Great Britain.

Between 2009 and 2010, she worked at a company specializing in the isolation and cryopreservation of human stem cells in Thessaloniki.

Since 2010, she has been a member of the laboratory team of clinical embryologists at Embryolab. In 2013 she obtained certification as a clinical embryologist from the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

She is a member of the Pan-Hellenic Association of Clinical Embryologists (PEKE) as well as the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE).

Chara participates actively as a trainer in all of Embryolab Academy’s activities.

Moysidou Martha

BSc, MSc, Biologist, Senior Clinical Embryologist ESHRE certified

Martha is a biologist - clinical embryologist with both clinical and research experience. Her clinical work counts up to 15,000 cycles so far.

Martha has completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Essex, Colchester, UK in 1998. She completed her master’s degree in Human reproductive Biology at Imperial College, London, UK and graduated with Distinction in 1999.

She has received her basic embryology training at the Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK until the summer of 2002. During that time she was also actively involved in the chromosomal screening of pre-implantation embryos for patients undergoing PGD/PGT-A using the FISH method.

In 2002 Martha returned to Greece and has worked as a clinical embryologist in both Athens and Thessaloniki expanded her knowledge and expertise on the field of assisted reproduction. Her main field of interest has been the clinical application of PGD/PGT-A and severe male infertility (TESE, FNA and OAT).

In 2008 she became a member of the Embryolab team and in 2015 she has become the Deputy Laboratory manager. During that time she haw also actively participated in the Embryolab Academy workshops (both in the organizing committee and as an instructor) and in numerous publications and oral presentations.

Martha is an active member of ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology) since 2002, PEKE (Pan-Hellenic Association of Clinical Embryologists) since 2005 and ACE (Association of Clinical Embryologists, UK) since 2018.

Nicholas Christoforidis

MD, FRCOG, DFFP, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Co-Founder and Board Member of Embryolab Academy

Nicholas Christoforidis is a Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist with a sub-specialization in Reproductive Medicine and Assisted Reproductive Techniques.

He graduated the School of Medicine of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 1995 and trained thereafter in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the United Kingdom from 1995 until 2003. In 2001 he was appointed as a Fellow in the Imperial College, London, in the IVF Unit of Hammersmith Hospital, where he trained extensively in the investigation and management of infertility and assisted reproduction techniques.

He is the Clinical and Scientific Director of Embryolab Fertility Clinic, Thessaloniki, Greece, since 2004 with a considerable and long experience in all aspects of investigation and treatment of fertility disorders, focusing on evidence-based practices and highlighting critical aspects of risk management. He is co-founder of the Embryolab Academy, a nonprofit organization, which aims to guide Fertility specialists and IVF units to grow in a systematic, effective and safe way, through continuous training and sharing of sound practices.

He is a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstericians and Gynaecologists, UK, and a member of European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) and the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).